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  New Items

Lipo Voltage Tester and low voltage alert

#1 & #2 ACR Philips 
99¢ each

Y Servo Connector

            Zip Ties 
Stand Offs, 6 sizes
$2.99 per set of 4 with 4 washers
12 Gram Metal Gear 
       Ball Bearing
0.20 Laminated Stators
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All RC Vehicles on Sale Now!!!

We have replacement parts for all models in stock and are

 currently in the process of adding them all to the website.

DM5327 Sale $299.99

Sale Price $75.00

ZTW Gecko 120HV

Sale Price $8.99
$5.99 ea when you buy 5 or more

comes with mounting hardware
and control horns

Sale Price $6.99

$4.99 ea when you buy 4 or more   

Comes with control horns

Sale Price 49¢

Sale Price 49¢

1/2" $1.29     1" $1.99

Sale Price $3.99

Multi-function Servo Tester

Deans Connectors Sale

    Micro Deans 99¢
    Male Female Pair $1.79
    Female Deans Pair $1.49

Yard Bird RC Planes

 7 Depron Jets to choose from and    
one awsome Gunslinger that is just 
as much fun on the ground as it is    
in the Air.

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