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Dear Valued Customers:
Subsonic Planes LLC only represents the motors that are built and designed here in our shop. You can only purchase our Motrolfly Motors from us here at Subsonic Planes LLC. 
Motors sold outside our facility are not held to the same standards that we have set for our motors and we are in no way responsible for them.
Thank you

  New Items

Stand Offs, 6 sizes
$2.99 per set of 4 with 4 washers
12 Gram Metal Gear 
       Ball Bearing

0.20 Laminated Stators

            Zip Ties 

Mini Y Connector

Motrolfly Brushless Motors

  17different sizes and growing.
Custom work at reasonable prices. 
Power your 4 oz.  to 15lb. planes.
We are glad to help determine the right
motor for your plane, just contact us.

Motrolfly Brushless Controls

Motrolfly brushless motor controllers
are some of the best around with       
smoother throttle control and lower   
internal resistance than other ESC 

Sonic Power Lipos

Sonic Power Lithium Polymer          
batteries offer true C rates that hold
higher voltages under load. 

           0.20 Laminated Stators         
Many to choose from                     
Starting at 22 mm  and up to 61.5 mm            
Most have many different heights available    

Yard Bird RC Planes

 7 Depron Jets to choose from and   
one awsome Gunslinger that is just
as much fun on the ground as it is   
in the Air.


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